“There are many beautiful things in the world a person can own, but few they will truly treasure. Those are the pieces we set out to make at AEKT studio.”

About Us

AEKT was founded with the belief that jewellery can make a positive and valuable difference to the planet.

By exceeding industry standards from sourcing, to craftsmanship, to design, AEKT traces and documents the journey of its diamonds from earth to light.

Each piece arrives with a story of authenticity, responsibility, and undeniable beauty to be worn and passed on for generations.

Design Philosophy

At AEKT studio we dare to challenge the classic boundaries of the traditional diamond industry.

We wish to bring a breath of fresh air to the industry by inviting designers with a different point of view to join our studio to work on new diamond pieces.

We hope to challenge the common view of diamonds by playing and experimenting with designs, shapes and colors.

Of course, the magical nature and longevity of diamonds require us to always treat them with the greatest respect. Therefore our jewellery is always handmade by goldsmiths that are true craftsmen - and some of the best you will find in the industry.


At AEKT we specialize in diamond jewellery and we are proud to offer bespoke services.

We are happy to answer any requests for larger diamonds or diamonds of shapes or colors not listed in our webshop.

Our extraordinary diamonds are always traceable and accompanied by our AEKT diamond passport as well as a GIA certificate for larger stones.

Our Packaging

Co-created with Danish box-making company August Sandgren the items in our packaging concept have multiple usage options and are made to last.


"At AEKT we trace and document the journey of our diamonds from earth to light."